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Overwhelming tension.


Sweaty palms.


Your thoughts on an infinite loop.


Shaky hands.


Feeling ‘balled up’ and 'on edge’ constantly.

Enter the many moments of everyday anxiety.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Three little letters (OCD) with a misunderstood reputation. We’re not talking about Pinterest-worthy closets or media’s representation and popularized TV shows. We’re talking about crawling thoughts that don’t seem to go away, no matter how much you try.​

OCD often begins early in childhood, and can change overtime. Seeking reassurance that things are okay or that the ritual performed was done "correctly" is especially common.

Body-Focused Repetititve Behavio

Image by Paul Siewert

You may not even be aware of this habit, yet you've come to the realization (or, more likely, someone's pointed out) that you tend to pull your hair, bite your cheek or nails, or pick your skins in times of stress, boredom, or in response to a variety of other emotions. Regardless of how you've got here, you're looking to understand your 'pulling/picking/biting profile', including why this happens, and how to stop it.

Social Anxiety


Ever think that it shouldn't be this hard to fit in, or feel like you just belong? On most days you probably feel plastering a fake smile and keeping people an arm's length away will help you get by. What if there was another way?

Social Anxiety Disorder goes far beyond just ‘shyness’. Millions of individuals throughout the world suffer from this disabling disorder every day, in the form of either a specific social anxiety or a more generalized social anxiety. In the US, recent studies have demonstrated that social anxiety disorder is the third most common psychological disorder in the country, affecting about 15 million American adults.

Specific Phobias

Image by Marina Vitale








And more.


Specific fears with specific treatments.

Generalized Anxiety

 Young Woman Contemplating

It's like playing whack-a-mole. Futile. Never-ending. Exhausting. You tend to be a self-proclaimed worrier, and most of the time you can keep it under control. But sometimes the worry and anxiety gets the best of you. 

Every vacation becomes wrought with anxiety (Will the plane land in time? What if it doesn’t? How will we get to our hotel? What if it rains? What if we don’t have a good time?), most everyday tasks are unimaginably energy consuming.

Performance & Work Anxiety


It can be musical performances, sporting events, work-related presentations, or even sexual performance. These anxieties are common to millions of Americans.


In fact, it is commonplace for athletes, musicians, actors, public speakers, and professionals (including managers) to experience these types of anxieties during multiple points in their career.


Getting a solid understanding and coping plan in place is key.

Health Anxiety

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

We're not talking about being worried about having a common cold. We're talking about having a headache and being convinced that it's the first sign of brain cancer. Or Lupus. Or Lou Gehrig's. What's worse is that you're often thinking the doctors overlooked something and that there is something that is definitely wrong. ​​


You've got some false alarms going off in your mind, and you are likely misinterpreting the sensations in your body, which you are, in fact, experiencing.

Procedural Anxiety


These anxieties become relevant to those undergoing medical testing, medical procedures, or dental work.


There's a dread, fear, or worry related to any medical procedure, and it can interfere with your ability to receive the appropriate medical care.

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