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- Dr. Wischenka, Founder of Better Health Therapy

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I'm glad you're here! Let's get to know each other.
I'll go first.


Saying Hi

My name is Dr. Wischenka (pronounced WISH-AYN-KA). You can call me "Dr. Danielle" if you prefer.

Something Fun

Some things I do for fun when I'm not helping clients include reading, cooking, biking, and writing novels.

Where I'm From

Fun fact: I was born and raised in New York (Let's go Mets!). People can't usually hear 'the accent', but let me know if you can when we chat!

Why Psychology?

In a nutshell, I love the opportunity to discover and co-discover the self with clients. I'm passionate about the process of change and helping others feel heard, understood, valued, empowered, and ultimately successful. I want client s to see results and understand that they can improve.


Past Work

I've been fortunate to work in top academic medical centers, including NYU Langone Health's Child Study Center, UCLA's OCD program, California Pacific Medical Center, and VA Palo Alto Health Care System's  numerous Behavioral Medicine Clinics. 

My Crew

I'm actively involved in Society of Behavioral Medicine as a former Chair of the Child and Family Health Special Interest Group, and in the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. I’ve also been involved in Academy of Eating Disorders, The Obesity Society, APA, and NYSPA throughout my career.

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