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Health, Wellness, & Illness

Providing holistic services that incorporate all systems of the body and mind of each individual client

WANTED: Better Health

Perhaps you've been recently diagnosed with a hard-to-pronounce-condition, or have lived with a physical health challenge for a while. Maybe you're seeking to improve your emotional health and overall wellness so that you can use your time to do the things that bring you the most joy. 

At Better Health Therapy we provide mental-health tune-ups, condition-specific therapies, and psychological evaluations for surgery to meet the broad needs of each individual clients and their health status.

Because at Better Health Therapy, we believe you are more than just a set of symptoms of diagnoses, you're an entire person.

Mental Health Tune-Up

You don't have to be in a crisis to benefit from coping skills, insight-building, and goal-setting. At Better Health Therapy, we go beyond symptoms and diagnoses to help identify your pain points during our mental health tune-up, and come up with a plan that works for you. Inquire about scheduling your mental health tune-up today.

Medical Illness

Whether acute or chronic, benign, malignant, or terminal, chances are your coping skills and your family's stress levels are being challenges. Find out more about condition-specific therapy at Better Health Therapy.

Doctor and Patient

Mental Health


Have you ever thought about the fact that you brain is an organ that is, quite literally, being used 24/7? Even when we sleep, our brains and minds are still quite active.

The challenge in today's busy life lies in making our health a priority. That's why at Better Health Therapy we believe that a mental health check-up is just as important as an annual physical, and we offer a mental health assessment and personalized recommendations to suite your needs.

Why wait to have problematic thoughts, feelings, or even behaviors when we can get it checked out and squared away?

Feeling lost, without life purpose

Feelings guilty or ashamed

Feeling unsuccessful or unproductive

Feeling 'stuck' and unable to achieve goals

Ready for your tune-up?

mental health check-up

Common Reasons for a Mental Health


Condition-Specific Therapy

As part of our commitment to respecting your time, effort, and goals, Better Health Therapy offers a variety evidence-based therapies that are specific to certain medical illnesses and diagnosis.

ALL therapy approaches used are delivered with

compassion, warmth, & energy​!

Call us to inquire about your specific condition(s).

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