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You are more than a set of symptoms. You are a collection of  lived experience worth getting to know.

Dr. Wischenka, Founder of Better Health Therapy

CA PSY31409


My name is Dr. Wischenka (pronounced WISH-AYN-KA). You can also call me Dr. Danielle if you prefer.

I was born and raised in New Yorker (though I don't think I have 'the accent'), and have 10+ years of experience working with people on anxiety, stress, depression, and health-related concerns. I'm a mind-body connection advocate, fan of traveling and learning about different cultures, and the founder of Better Health Therapy. 

I am passionate about the process of change and helping clients see results, whether it’s getting through a life crisis or fine-tuning and improving a specific skill within an organization. Change is real, and within your reach!


I have close to a decade of experience and expertise in behavioral medicine and mental health across the lifespan, and have earned several awards for my research and clinical work in the fields of health psychology. I’ve also completed additional training to be qualified to provide services across the developmental lifespan.

I’ve worked in many settings in the past, including NYU, SBUUCLACPMC, and VAPAHCS providing indvidual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, professional consultation and supervision, and community-based outreach and workshops. 

I’m actively involved in the Society of Behavioral Medicine as a Chair of the Child and Family Health Special Interest Group. I’ve also been involved in Academy of Eating Disorders, The Obesity SocietyAPA, and NYSPA in the past. Those networks have allowed me to collaborate with professionals across the world, create and implement policies for health psychology, and provide the best standard of care possible to my clients.

I'm glad you're here.

Let's get to know each other.

I'll go first:

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