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Therapy & Behavioral Coaching

Providing highly personalized tele-health services in California


We understand that you need to invest time to learn about yourself and find solutions that work for you, in real-time. That’s why we provide individual psychotherapy and behavioral coaching services to meet the needs of our clients.

3-Step Approach

Our therapy and coaching services feature a three-step approach designed to ensure you receive the maximum care and quality of service. Find out more about our 3-step approach.

Personalized Health

We provide highly personalized services in the state of California. Learn more about our unique personalized services here.

Approaches to Therapy

We are committed to providing evidence-based therapies, which are backed by science. Learn more about the types of therapies we offer.

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Therapy: Easy as 1-2-3


Discuss your needs with a service provider at Better Health Therapy.


Explain your goals and what changes you hope to accomplish given your timeline.


Discusses potential plan of action and recommendations for achieving goals in measurable ways.

Ready to take the first step?

types of therapy

Approaches to Therapy

We respect your time, effort, and goals, which is why at Better Health Therapy we use a variety of evidence-based approaches that have been shown in research settings to help clients maximize the effects and outcomes of therapy.

ALL therapy approaches used are delivered with

compassion, warmth, & energy​!

Learn more about each therapy approach below.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

An action-oriented therapy that uses acceptance, mindfulness, and behavior change strategies to improve mental wellbeing and increase psychological flexibility.


ACT uses in-session experiences such as exercises, metaphor, language, and movement to focus on living a valued life instead of getting stuck in needing to “get rid” of suffering and negative experiences.


Clients learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with inner emotions and, instead, choose to begin accepting challenges and hardships. With this acceptance, clients can then commit to making necessary changes in their behavior.’

Behavioral Therapy

Focuses on how some problematic thoughts or negative behaviors may unknowingly or unintentionally get “rewarded” within a person’s environment. These rewards or reinforcements may cause an increase in frequency of the undesirable thoughts and behaviors.


BT can be applied to a wide range of symptoms to help create new behaviors, reward desired behaviors, and allow unwanted behaviors to decrease in frequency.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

A present-focused approach which provides tools to help clients recognize unhelpful reactions to difficulty and learn instead to bring an interested, accepting and non-judgmental attitude to all lived experience. i


This approach is used for most people, especially those who deal with chronic stress resulting from a variety of physical/psychological challenges.

In MBSR, clients looks at the stress of living and how it affects one’s experience. It also provides the framework to help you recognize that you can change suffering and respond to the present in different ways.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Focuses on the here-and-now.  Clients examine how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected and impact overall well-being.


CBT is an approach which can be applied to many mental health and physical challenges. It is an active and problem-focused approach that directly challenges different thought and behavioral patterns.

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